Square … A Place for Meeting and Festivity

Square … A Place for Meeting and Festivity

…where ancient traditions continue

Square ... A Place for Meeting and Festivity

In Piazza Grande on the 15th of May every year there is an explosion among the heaving crowd, with the raising of the Ceri. Sacred and profane, echoes of primitive spring rites and Christianity mingle in the Ceri Festival, which, along with St Francis and the wolf, make the town famous throughout the world. The three Ceri are the symbol of the Region of Umbria.
In the same square on the last Sunday of May, the town of Sansepolcro competes against Gubbio in a contest using crossbows to win a prize banner. Once a fearful ancient weapon, the crossbow is now used in friendly competitions that have been held for centuries. This traditional tournament continues and develops, now including the festive presence of the town’s flag throwers who, thanks to their skill, have been invited to exhibit in squares the world over.

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